Group-of-business-partners-listeningA Successful Career at Crown Advertising Inc.

When you join our team at Crown Advertising Inc., you are not just starting a new job. Instead, you are paving the way to a career that’s centered on growth. We have a number of expectations of our team members, and our first is that they begin at an entry-level position. We also stand apart in that we offer promotions and bonuses based entirely on achievements, ethic and merit.

Growth Level 1: Communication and Sales

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you will begin your journey at the bottom and work your way up. We will offer time-management and self-management training to help you get used to our structure, and improve your overall discipline. We’ll also offer you help with maintaining customer relationships and using effective communication skills.

Growth Level 2: Coaching and Training

Coaching and training is really important for us at Crown Advertising Inc., and is an exciting process for team members. You will be given the opportunity to help others once you have obtained your training, working with new team members to help them achieve the same abilities as you. You will be a leader of the future, and so, you will need to learn about how to effectively build teams and train new people.

Growth Level 3: Leadership and Development

In level three, you will start becoming the leader you hope to be in the future. You will be given the chance to push your talent to the next level, and will be introduced to training that helps you lead sales meetings. The training also helps you develop a goal and find out what is necessary to form an effective office environment. You’ll also start having more of a substantial impact on the business.

Growth Level 4: Strategic Management

At this exciting level, you take on vastly more responsibility. This stage will see you growing your own divisions and leading other team members to start doing the same. You will have the most responsibility than you’ve ever had, and will begin expanding our services into new markets and working with new clients.